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Manners International is a multifaceted consulting corporation that provides etiquette and protocol workshops, instructional videos, interactive online learning solutions and intructional kits.

Manners International's workshops and media products are designed to meet the growing demand for effective manners, etiquette and protocol improvement solutions.

Etiquette and protocol are society's guideposts for recognizing and respecting other individuals, cultures and customs. Manners International provides the needed knowledge to respond to domestic or international business and social situations for the new millennium.

Who benefits from the services of Manners International?

In today's fast-paced, dynamic society, there is now more than ever a need for an awareness of what is socially acceptable. The desire to know how to put one's best foot forward socially and in business is universal, regardless of sex, age, nationality or profession.

Manners International Etiquette Programs are nationally acclaimed. Highly-credentialed instructors from etiquette, diplomatic, business and educational disciplines develop and present the award-winning curriculum and support materials to businesses, schools, after-school enrichment programs and youth organizations. Manners International continually receives acclaim for its work in the business and education community including the reception of the prestigious Girl Scouts of America Spirit Award for San Diego and as the Carlsbad City Council honoree for exemplary service in community education.

Clients as varied as Sharp Heathcare, SAIC, Westin Resorts, Prudential Real Estate, Rockwell International, National Charity League, Los Angeles/San Diego Consular Corps, Girl Scouts of America and leading retail concerns such as Nordstrom and Robinson's-May have retained Manners International's consulting services.

How does Manners International establish programming and fee schedules for such a varied clientele?

Manners International's programming and fee schedules are tailored to meet each valued client's unique requirements.

For example, a large corporation may request an extensive special event involving more than a year of planning, facilitating and follow-up programs. On the other hand, an individual client or small group may attend a one-time workshop or a month-long seminar.

In each case, a staff of experienced professionals accommodates specific programming needs while assuring excellent service and appropriate, competitive fees.



Partial Client List...
Westin Hotels & Resorts

Browning International
Sharp Healthcare
CSU Long Beach
SAIC - San Diego
Prudential Real Estate
San Diego Consular Corps
Republican Women Federated
Rockwell Corporation
Girl Scouts Of America
The City Of Carlsbad
The Bishop's School
Fairbanks Ranch Country Club
Harmonium, Inc.
Jackson National Insurance
Navy League Of San Diego
National Charity League

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